How To Get Through A Wilmington Winter

Winters can be chilly in Wilmington, Delaware, so you want to be ready for the cold weather when it comes. You will need to prepare your house, car, and get the cold weather clothes ready so you don’t freeze during the coldest parts of the winter. Read on to learn how to get ready for winter in Wilmington.

Getting your house ready for the cold weather is the first step. You will want to disconnect the hoses from your home and install hose bibs so the outdoor faucets don’t freeze. You should also get a furnace tune-up during this time. To keep the heat escaping out of the windows you can install an insulating film or put up thermal curtains to keep more of the heat in the house.

Your car is going to need some attention as well. You want to make sure that your cooling system is in good shape and consider putting on snow tires. Make sure that you replace the windshield wiper fluid with a winter formula and get your ice scraper and snow brush out. You should also keep some kitty litter in the car in case you get stuck. The cat litter will provide traction so you can get out of the snow.

You will need a good pair of winter boots and probably some snow boots as well. The boots will help keep your feet warm because nothing feels worse than having cold feet when it is cold outside. You are going to want to dress in layers with a thermal base layer and a warm coat. Gloves are important and they will help keep your hands warm.

Wool socks are a good choice for your feet because they wick away moisture if your feet start to sweat and they won’t feel wet. Wet feet can be very uncomfortable and you want to avoid wet feet if you can. Make sure that you get a good hat and you might also want to consider earmuffs to keep your ears warm. You lose a lot of heat from your head, so you want to keep this area as warm as possible.

If you prepare your house and car and make sure that you keep your body warm, you can get through a Wilmington winter with no problems. Preparation is key when you are getting ready for winter.